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Simply Automated ZPCI-B Phase Coupler Breaker Box

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Breaker-Mount Phase Coupler.

Fits two breaker positions in a standard breaker-panel (Murray/Crouse Hinds - MP, Siemens - QP, Cutler Hammer/Eaton - BR or CL, GE - THQL or THQP, and SquareD - HOM).

Boosts powerline signals by providing a bridge between the two, 120 VAC electrical phases (A and B) in a split-phase, 240 VAC home.

Without a phase coupler, signals travel out to the street transformer on one phase and comeback in the home on the other phase; usually at a lower (attenuated) level. In homes up to 2000 Sq. Ft. and within 100 feet of the transformer, phase coupling may not be needed.

As the size of the home and distance from the transformer increases, phase coupling becomes more important. A phase coupler is recommended in every main breaker panel and sub-panel to ensure maximum signal strength. The wire-in phase coupler is good for UPB, X10 and other higher frequency powerline signals.

To ensure a proper installation in your home: Your home should be no more than 2500 square feet and have only one breaker panel. A phase coupler is required in some home installations. Not intended for use in multi-dwelling (condo, apartment, duplex) units.